About Us

Thank you for being a part of our smart shopping concept. We LOVE being your “go to” website before you head out of your home to buy stuff!

As we always say: Plan b4 you buy!!

Egzii was founded by Egzii Website & Mobile app LTD. registered company in Alberta Canada in 2016, The word Egzii (eg-zii), eg part is e.g which is a term we use for “like” or ‘similar to”. For the Zii, is simple “the”. So we mean “like the” to reflect what you’re looking for and similar products in the market.

We’ve started in large cities in our beautiful province of Alberta, like Calgary and Edmonton. But we’ll be expanding to all over Canada very soon!!

Egzii is built to help you in choosing which stores in your area and neighbourhood you should go to for buying your needs.. Whether it is a company, store, products, food, electronics, cars, services and many more, you can search the thing you’re interested in based on their price, rating, other users & peers reviews and their location from you!!. Egzii is the “go to” website if you’re buying something in your area!!

Plan B4 you buy anything moving forward with our easy to use website and mobile app!

When you create a profile with Egzii, you can rate & review products, services, companies, stores, dealers, restaurants and many more.. We’ll love to have you join Egzii’s family..

If you have a business, you probably won’t need a website anymore! You can list all your products, services, news, updates, prices, availability, location and hours of operation for all buyers, professionals, users in your area. Folks will look you up on Egzii and get to know you, contact you and rate your awesome business, products or services!

Download our app and plan B4 you buy on the go..