Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: August 20, 2016

1- What is Egzii?

Egzii is a tool to help you in choosing which stores in your area and neighbourhood you should go to for buying your needs.. Whether it is a company, store, products, food, electronics, cars, services and many more, you can search the thing you’re interested in based on their price, rating, other users & peers reviews and their location from you!!. Egzii is the “go to” website if you’re buying something in your area!!

2- Why do I need to register on Egzii?

Registering with us will allow you to create a business account, rate and review the products, businesses and services you are interested in. Also signing up and creating a user profile will allow you to have a mailbox and receive notifications.

3- How is Egzii helping business owners?

If you have a business, you probably won’t need a website anymore! You can list all your products, services, news, updates, prices, availability, location and hours of operation for all buyers, professionals, users in your area. Folks will look you up on Egzii and get to know you, contact you and rate your awesome business, products or services!

4- Why should I download Egzii mobile app.?

Downloading our app will allow you to lookup the product you want to buy right now when you shopping and check where you should go based on your preference (rating, price and location). You will also be able to see your profile, who’s following you or your product and your inbox.

5- Can business owners remove or delete a review or rating?

Absolutely not!. Your review to help your peers will stay there as long as you want, users can edit or delete their review (please check our terms and conditions, privacy policy and copy right for Egzii team posts, reviews and pages policies).

6- As a business owner, how can add or edit a product?

Simple!. You create a product and click on it, you’ll see modify pictures, modify specifications and prices.

7- As a business owner, can I check how many users following my products and my business?

For sure!. You’ll receive a notification once a user start following your business or products. Also if someone sent you a message, you’ll see that in the notification bar.

8- Can I see who’s following me?

Yup. You can on your profile page.

9- Can I still use Egzii if I didn’t sign-up?

Sure you can!. You can browse all products you’re looking for and the reviews of other peers and users for these products. Also you can search based on date added, price and rating.

10- How is Egzii helping your community and neighbourhood?

When we built Egzii, we had one thing in mind; helping locals users and businesses to connect in a simple platform. As a user, you’ll see offers and ratings of business just around the corners from you, you will be checking Egzii before you go out of your house and buy something.

11- How is Egzii different?

Egzii is different. Because when you look up something that you want to buy from a local store and don’t want to wait for shipping or can’t see other peers review, you’ll see that all through Egzii. You don’t need to wait for flyers to be thrown on your door and you don’t need to browse over many business websites any more. It’s all on Egziii!

You can do this through shopping website (ebay, amazon…etc) and use stuff (kijiji, ..etc) but for local businesses which is supporting our community, you will only see this on our website.

12- What is the maximum number of photos I can have?

You can have any number of photos for your product, but you can only have one picture for your business Logo and one photo for your background. Also you can have only one photo for your profile picture as a user. Please use higher resolution pictures if you see that your photos are a bit fuzzy or stretched for better user’s experience.

13- I didn’t receive the verification or reset the password emails, what can I do?

Please check you Junk or spam boxes and make sure you mark egzii emails as non-junk or spam to get emails freely moving forward.

14- I sent egzii a message through contact us, when can I expect a reply?

We’re happy to hear from you about any topic or concerns, also we welcome any feedback on how to improve ourselves.. Please allow up to 48 business hours to see our response on your message. You’re more than welcome to give us a shout if you want to get a faster response.

15- The text looks funny on my business about us and bio, what is wrong?

We recommend you don’t copy and paste text from website writing or or Adobe. You can copy and paste from Microsoft word or a notepad.

16- How many specifications I can add under a product that users that search them?

As a business owner you can add as many products as you want, you can add up to 12 specifications per products that users can still search them in the filter area.